Monday, August 5, 2019

I finished installing

the driver's side seat yesterday, and it was not too bad of a job. I had to remove the black plastic box covering the seat bag control module so that the swivel would fit over it.

We also installed a screen door handle on the inside of the door.  Really hoping to be able to go camping this coming weekend to try everything out!

This black box covers an electrical box that is located under the driver's seat. 

I covered the electrical box with some heat and moisture proof material.  The electrical components looked securely wrapped, so we are not too concerned about leaving the plastic box off.

The new swivel platform raised the seat about two inches, which was a good thing!

And here it is, all swiveled around.  The steering wheel gets in the way of a full recline, but it is lots more comfortable than the dinette.

The screen door will be much  easier to close from the inside.

I'm waiting on some new cords for the Sirius radio, a blue tooth enabled OBDII reader, and a two pack of plastic Lynx Levelers. The Winnie doesn't have any type of leveler mechanism installed, which is okay by us, it's just more weight. But we have to have a way to sit level. There are no wind down stabilizers on the underside of the carriage, perhaps because there are dual wheels in the rear.

The Hubster has been reading a book on solar power, and has found the type of lithium battery he wants to buy from an eBay fellow in Racine.  He just has to figure out where he is going to install the system.  Onward!

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