Saturday, August 3, 2019

I removed the passenger seat

this morning in between making another batch of bread and butter pickles.  It wasn't a difficult job, but since I've never done this type of job, it took the better part of the day to complete.  I had to ask the hubby for help with one seat bolt that I couldn't remove, and he interrupted his floor job to help me try out the swivel and rearrange the underseat electric wiring.  The job required a TP55 driver, an 18mm socket, and a 15mm socket.

We haven't yet camped in the Winnebago, but we are pretty certain that we need decent seating, and already know that the dinette is going to be uncomfortable, so we purchased swivel bases from Sportsmobile to see how well they might work.  I called customer service and expressed some reservations about how well the driver's side swivel is going to fit, since there is a small plastic covered connector box underneath it.  The young man who answered was kind enough to include a return shipping label in case that swivel doesn't fit.

The old seat base on its back.
It took me quite awhile and help from the hub to figure out how to release the yellow connector.
The metal base is bolted on with 15mm nuts.

The new swivel base, ready for tightening.

I had to borrow some carpet to fill in the blank spaces that the new base wouldn't cover.

The initial installation looked pretty good, and the swivel worked well, the only problem was that the plastic wall seat belt housing and the side plastic piece where the seat belt clips in were hitting each other.

Initially, this seemed like a deal breaker. I took the whole seat off its base, removed both of the plastic covers, reinstalled the seat, and I went inside to let the hub know about the problem.  

He sat down to try out the swivel and figured out that the seat has to be rotated in stages, and requires sliding the seat all the forward at key points. So, we removed the seat once more, reinstalled the plastic covers, bolted the seat down, and he zip tied the electrical connector so that it won't bind up when using the swivel.

Tomorrow, I will tackle the driver's seat. 

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