Tuesday, October 22, 2019


We've been camping at US Army Corps of Engineering campsites when we can find them. Saturday night we stayed at Bo Wood, Lake Shelbyville, Illinois, and Sunday night at Cages Bend on the Cumberland River in Tennessee.

Pelicans on Lake Shelbyville. 

Our campsite on the Cumberland River in Tennessee. ACE campsites are often on terraces with paved, level camp pads below. 

We hiked the West Rim Trail at Cloudland Canyon state park in northwest Georgia on Monday morning. Ended up getting a little lost, hiking longer than planned and didn't get on the road until noon.

Reflecting pool at Cherokee Falls. The water doesn't start running off until the winter and spring months. 

Main overlook

View as we made our way south out of the park. Even though it was past noon, the visibility was limited along highway 136.

We stayed at the Army Corps R. Sheaffer Heard Park near West Point Georgia last night and are headed to Plains, Georgia today.

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