Wednesday, October 23, 2019


After visiting the Jimmy Carter Presidential Center in Plains, Georgia, we drove straight through to Jacksonville.  It was really nice to come home to our winter place. This house had been in foreclosure and was in very poor shape when my sister bought it in 2014.  She hired a crew to work on it, and they essentially rebuilt the inside and out.  We have been doing the finishing touches on it every winter since her purchase. It has been a wonderful place to escape the winter to, all due to the generosity of Stephanie 💖!

We drove the Winnie up to Fernandina Beach, about 30 miles north of Jax, to store it at my brother Matthew's house so that we can get a few things done to it before hitting the road. The neighborhood here in Jacksonville is older and the streets are too narrow to park the Winnie out front and we didn't want to aggravate our neighbors.

We plan to be here for about ten days before heading west to Texas to visit my brother Mark in Dallas before meeting up with our Mexico group on November 15.

View of the front yard of the Valencia house. Stephanie has hired a yard service to keep up with the lawn during the spring and summer. Everything looked lush!

View of backyard deck that Larry and his brother John built last spring. Larry has to add a coating of deck preservative to it before we depart for Texas.

The bananas that Stephanie planted last fall next to the garage are very tall now, and we were surprised and delighted to see two bunches of fingerling bananas!

A view of the other bunch and the partially opened banana flower. Too bad we won't be here to eat the bananas!

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