Friday, October 18, 2019


We decided to stay an extra night at home since we were bushed from packing and readying the house to be unoccupied. We had dinner in Afton at Skip's and ran into Marc and Bonnie, a couple who play bridge with us and had a nice chat.  This morning, we walked down to the Citrus Cafe on Main Street to eat breakfast, and managed to get on the road before 11.  Once we were on the road, I thought about the house and whether we forgot anything, and I think that we were wise to stay the night to give ourselves time to run out of things to do and be thoroughly comfortable leaving.

I did most of the driving today while Larry monitored the solar system and tried to track down road noises. Road and wind noise is significant, so we are trying to limit our day to under 300 miles. Slowing down to 55 helps with the noise, and it is easier to listen to the radio; the tradeoff, of course, is more time driving and listening to road noise! We'll figure out a balance somehow.  

Tonight, we are staying near Shelbyville, Illinois at an ACE campground, Bo Woods. The campsite cost $8 for the night.  It is clean and quiet. Some of the trees are starting to turn color. It is noticeably warmer here.

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