Thursday, October 24, 2019

Slip Sliding Away

We headed over to Fernandina to my brother Matthew's house just before noon to work on a few projects on the Winnie.  Larry installed the t-valve on the propane tank and ran a line into the interior to operate a small propane heater we purchased. The propane line will be handy if we want to bring along a small out door grill in the future.

Later, Larry tried to expand the slide and it wouldn't work, wouldn't even make any sounds, so power is not getting to the motor. Matt and I drove to an auto parts store to buy a new switch for it, but the switch did not solve the problem.  I started calling around to RV repair shops to see if anyone could get us in and found a fellow in St. Mary's, Georgia who agreed to see us tomorrow. It's an easy drive across the state line, and hopefully he can track down the problem.

My brother Matthew's man cave work shed. It is much bigger than the photo indicates.  He is a  fixer and a builder of projects. He plans to spend a lot of time here when he retires from the FAA next May.

Matt and Larry working on the slide.

It was wonderful to spend time with Matt, I don't get to see him and his wife Kendra very often. 

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