Friday, October 25, 2019

Solenoid Annoys

Last night we tried to retract the slide once again before driving back down to Jax from Matt's house. It wouldn't work, didn't even make any clicking noises; there was no indication that the motor was getting any power.  Just before we went to bed, Larry mentioned that he thought the problem must be the solenoid, which is located underneath the camper carriage in a compartment just left of the house door.

When we arrived at Matt's house this morning, I tried to operate the slide again and it worked!  So, Larry and Matthew removed the solenoid and tried to find a new one locally, but it turns out that it is a somewhat specialty part.  Larry called the manufacturer based in Milwaukee and they directed us to a distributor in Ocala, Florida.  The new solenoid should arrive next week.

I went out and bought a hanging shoe rack for the smaller closet, and later removed some wood framing so that Larry can rework the space above the cab where the tv used to be located.  Larry removed old sealant and applied new sealant around the rear roof seam.  It was pretty humid today, and I felt tired by the time we drove home. 

Larry untangling the mess of wires to remove the solenoid.

The slide solenoid is the cylindrical silver object behind the wires.  You can just see the other solenoid to the right of the silver one, and it looks like it was replaced not too long ago.
Made in Milwaukee! I'm hoping replacing this part will result in no more slide problems, though it is possible to use the camper when the slide is retracted. 

Larry working on resealing some seams.

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