Wednesday, November 20, 2019

An Expensive Tent

We woke up to more bad battery news.  The LiPo batteries had no charge to them possibly because they had become damaged during one of the few nights of below freezing weather back in Dallas.

Roger, one of our trip mates who is an electrical engineer, said that LiPo batteries require regular rebalancing. The device that we had brought along that we thought would accomplish the task of rebalancing was not sophisticated enough for the job. 

By this point, Larry decided he had had enough, and told me we needed to drive back down to the nearest town and purchase two regular lead acid batteries.  He asked Don Fernando, the owner of the resort if he knew of a source. Not only did Don Fernando know of a source, he immediately made arrangements to have two deep cell solar batteries put on the next bus for delivery to the police station in the nearest town and told us that they would arrive at either 8pm that evening, or on first bus the next day!

We had stocked up on provisions for our stay at the Rancho San Lorenzo, so I wasn't worried about going hungry, but we had to be careful about how often we opened the refrigerator since it needs power for the propane to run the compressor. We had to use flashlights to see, and the little buddy propane heater for warmth, hence the title of today's post.

It rained off and on all day, and we were unable to go on any walks. Towards the end of the day, Alonzo, the caretaker for the Rancho, told us that the batteries were going to arrive on the 8pm bus. Somehow, we thought that Larry, Alonzo, and Kevin would be driving down the mountain together to get the batteries, but we eventually were made to understand that Alonzo would drive his four wheeler down to meet the bus!  We were alarmed, since the road down is very twisty and dark with lots of potholes, but Alonzo  assured us he was up to the task, and sure enough, by 9 o'clock, two new batteries were outside the camper door.

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