Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Larry Insists

So, we made it to Dallas to spend some time with my brother Mark and his sweet, energetic daughter Ana. We had originally intended to stay only a few days and leave on Tuesday. Those plans went out the window Sunday morning when Larry accidentally got a little too close to a tree in Mark’s neighborhood while driving the camper, and a cut-off branch tore a long hole in the passenger side roof radius where the side meets the roof just above the awning. 

Luckily, it was warm enough for Mark and Larry to repair the gash with fiberglass matting and resin, and they finished the job just as a front was pushing through Dallas that dropped the temperature by 19 degrees in under an hour. We contacted our insurer, and they will cover a professional repair that we will have done sometime next spring or summer.

Once we spray-paint the repair area, I will post a photo. I didn’t really want to post about the incident, but Larry said he was comfortable disclosing his mistake.  Larry thinks that the repair will hold, but it is hard to say whether the resin bonded with the existing roof. We are bringing materials along to nurse the wound in case it ruptures. I am very thankful to be married to such a can-do resourceful husband, and lucky to have such a smart hard working brother.

Tomorrow we will take off and get a little ways towards Alpine, which is the town where we are to meet our twelve fellow travelers.

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