Friday, November 22, 2019

Let There Be Light

We woke up at 530, had our coffee, dressed, and I went out looking for Alonzo.  I was hoping he might be able to help us change the oil in the Ford.  The passenger side was up on leveling blocks and access to the oil pan and filter is easy in this vehicle.  We had purchased synthetic oil and a filter back in Abilene.

Alonzo was happy to help and showed up a few minutes later in a full length rain coat to protect himself from the wet grass. Fifteen minutes later the job was done. 

Afterwards, Roger came over and he and Larry set about installing the second new battery. The batteries were just a little too big for the battery box behind the driver's side, but have no fear, Larry happened to have a rasp left over from the fiberglass job and he was able to shave off enough of the plastic around the sides that the batteries fit.

I went off with Roy, Sue, Garth, and Kevin to visit the top of the falls, as we were the only ones left who hadn't seen them. Once we arrived at the parking lot for the path to the falls, we walked about 15 minutes along a stone and concrete path, crossing a metal suspension bridge. Afterwards, we had lunch at a small restaurant in the parking lot, and I purchased a bag of empanadas and later another couple of liters of purified water.  We arrived back at the ranch at around 3pm.

Here are a few photos I took of the day's events.

Larry and Roger figuring out the new settings on the solar controller for lead acid batteries. 

Garth is a full timer from California. He has his own blog, Wandering with Serenity, and I offered to take a few photographs of him to post on his blog.

View of the top of the falls.  I was able to get very close.

Another view of the suspension bridge we crossed.

Shop at the trail parking lot.

Roy and Sue in the restaurant as we were ordering our tacos and tostadas.

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