Thursday, November 21, 2019

Patient People

Things are bound to go wrong on a trip like this. We were the first to start having problems with our rig and we were really grateful for the patience and help we got from members of our traveling group. In particular, we would have struggled longer with the electrical problems had it not been for the help of Roger, who is an electrical engineer from the Seattle area. He helped Larry trouble shoot and fill in the gaps of Larry's electrical knowledge. Another group member, Aron from Nova Scotia, has a Winnebago as well (though it is diesel and a newer model); we have benefitted from his familiarity with the workings of these rigs.

Today, the group set out to get another look at the falls. Most were going to hike down to the base and back up to the source of the falls, Larry included, and the other four, myself included, were going to go on a shorter walk. I have had an upset stomach the last day or so and wanted to take it easy.  The weather was still a little overcast and rainy, but the forecast was for the sun to emerge sometime in the afternoon.

Prior to going on the walk, Larry installed one of the new batteries so we could run the refrigerator and have some power for lights and the water pump.  He and Roger wanted to test the system for shorts, so the plan is to compete the installation of both batteries tomorrow.

Here are a few photos of Larry's walk down to the falls. Most of the popular trails to views of the falls are well constructed stone paths. I tried to download a short video Larry made of the falls once his group hiked back up, my apologies if it doesn't work!

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