Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Ruth Has a Birthday, Roger Delivers a Bomba, and the Rain Continues its Barrage

The rain started up sometime early in the morning and continued off and on (mostly on, dear reader) for the entire day. By noon, our camper was no longer on an island, it was in the middle of a swamp, and by two o’clock, Larry moved it over closer to Garth’s rig on higher ground.

Did I mention we are having problems with the camper again? This time it is with the slide mechanism which seems to want to push the entire supplemental room over to the left towards the refrigerator when we retract the slide. Really alarming to behold. This new and exciting problem started just as we were readying ourselves to get on the train for El Fuerte: the final thing to do before walking with the group downtown to the train station was to pull in the slide, and of course, it wasn’t cooperating, so we had to leave it partially open and hope for the best in our absence. 

Due to the rain today, Larry wasn’t able to crawl (or swim) underneath the slide to look at things. Luckily, he has quite a bit of mechanical intelligence and I don’t doubt he’ll figure out the issue, but just to be on the safe side, I put a call into Winnebago in Indiana, and lo and behold, someone answered on Thanksgiving Eve who actually had some suggestions and a few pdf’s to email to us! Things are looking up! 

On to happier things. Roger knocked on our door this morning to give me “la bomba amarilla,” a neat plastic pump for the five gallon garrafone that Ruth had delivered to our camper the Sunday before. La Bomba is 75 pesos worth of pure utility. Now we must figure out where the five gallon water container will sit while we are in transit.

At two pm, we were invited to the resort restaurant bar to watch a French movie from 2004 called “Renegade,” (also titled “Blueberry”), that had been partially filmed at the Rancho where we stayed back at Basaseachi Falls. I was surprised to see Juliette Lewis, Michael Madden (Louise’s boyfriend in “Thelma and Louise”!), and Ernest Borgnine among the players in the film. I have to confess, my attention often wandered during the movie; it didn’t seem to be your standard good guy/bad guy western, and there were lots of peyote psychedelic scenes. Hard to believe it brought in $5.7 million at the box office, even harder to believe that the film’s budget was $40 million. However, no one in our group watched it just for the story line, they were all there to see the props on film that they had seen on their hikes around the Rancho back at Basaseachi Falls, like the fake boulder with symbols all over it and the club house that was built at the Rancho especially for the movie, and Kevin and Ruth recognized various rock formations in the movie that they had actually hiked around, so it was well worth the watch.

After the movie, we celebrated the birthday of Ruth, our guide and and tireless organizer. Sue made two delicious flans in her instapot for all to enjoy, and we talked about our plans for tomorrow’s potluck Thanksgiving feast. Happy Birthday, Ruth 🎂🎂🎂

At long last, our very own garrafone, and this one has a built in handle! I am excited to have a permanent, sturdy, reuseable water bottle!

And here it is with the bomba attached, a useful thing of beauty indeed.

Sue and the Birthday Girl Ruth! The restaurant allowed us to use their room for the afternoon, and someone built a cosy fire to sit by.


  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun. Hope the slide issue works itself out.

    1. Hi Lorne... Martha is reading your comments, but for some reason she can't reply. We will try to fix that today!

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes Martha and Larry. I had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed the flan immensely, as well as the Kahlua. :-)