Sunday, November 17, 2019

Take the Number Seven to Chihuahua

We left the Lost Alaskan RV Park at seven this morning and made our way to the border at Presidio/Ojinaga.  It was a very beautiful drive south, and our crossing through the US station was uneventful; in fact, we were not stopped by any US officials.

We were required to stop on the Mexican side of course. We were directed to park outside the customs building, an official took all our passports, and we waited inside while he processed our paperwork.  The Mexican official sold each of us a 500 peso tourist visa, and was kind enough to fill out our destination forms for us. From there, we were directed through various traffic lanes and soon we were on our way through the little town of Ojinaga.

We then drove for a few hours towards our destination of Chihuahua. We stopped at a lookout, and at a small restaurant for lunch, but the restaurant could not accomodate us and we ended up making our own lunches in the parking lot.  We arrived in Chihuahua sometime around 2 pm and made our way through challenging but not too hectic traffic to the baseball stadium. Our group leader had made arrangements for us to stay in the locked lot of the stadium for two nights.  Larry and I walked with a few members of our group to a supermarket to buy provisions for the next few days.  Tomorrow, we will have a welcome lunch with the group and visit a Telcel store to buy a sim card for my Googlefi phone. 

1968 Winnebago food truck located in Alpine. Larry enjoyed a delicious curried brat dog.

The road to Presidio.

View of a few of the eight rigs in our group. Larry and I are number seven.

There were a series of these speed bumps (or topes) that we had to go over very, very slowly. 

Single tope sign.

Double tope sign.

We stopped at a lookout with an interesting sculpture.

The lookout had spectacular views of the Canon del Peguis and the Rio Conchos River.

Upon our arrival in Chihuahua, we walked a mile and a half through a park and neighborhood to a local grocery store.

The Soriana Hiper  was an interesting grocery store. It is kind of like a Walmart, in that it stocks all kinds of goods in addition to food.  Finding the food was challenging, however, because you had to wade through aisles and aisles other things for sale.  

More photos tomorrow!

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