Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Road to Mobile

We said our goodbyes to my sister Sheri and husband Zef, and headed west towards Tallahassee to revisit my sister Patty and her family.  Patty gave us a few pieces of scrap lumber to use under the plastic levelers. We said our goodbyes, had a barbecue lunch at a local restaurant on Thomasville Road in Tallahassee, and got on the road by 1230.

I drove for a couple of hours then turned over the seat to Larry after we stopped for gas so I could spend time online to find a place for the night.

I took a few on-the-road photos of dubious quality, as you will see, but not much of anything occurred today.

View out the passenger window of Escambia Bay as we were crossing over.  Larry and I grew up in Florida, so these scenes are very familiar.

We played hop scotch with this van for an hour or two this afternoon.  Don't know that I've ever seen nine coolers strapped down together on a van roof.  I googled the name of the company displayed on the van.  Seems this person goes from vegan festival to vegan festival across the nation, hawking his vegan seafood.

Can't help but hum the tune.

View of Mobile Bay from the state campground where we are staying. Looks tranquil, but the bridge in the distance is I-10, and sound travels very well across water.  The campground is clean however, and convenient to the highway as we travel west towards Dallas.

This is an oblique statement, suitable for a women's restroom.  

So, we made it across the state line and  have entered the central time zone, so it gets dark at 430. Tomorrow we will get up early and walk over to the t-shaped fishing pier described in the park brochure. The plan is to drive as far as Lake Charles, Louisiana to stay at Twelve Oaks RV Park. 

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