Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Show Must Go On

Lost Alaskan RV Park in Alpine, Texas is where we are currently staying until Sunday.

We left Dallas at around noon on Thursday morning after finishing the spray paint job to the roof wound. We made it to Abilene by 5 and settled in for the night. Friday morning, we left at 7 and managed to arrive in Alpine by 130. We were the last in the group to arrive, and almost as soon as we drove in, we were greeted by several of our fellow travelers. Three of the couples are from Canada, one couple is from Ohio, one couple is from Washington state, one gentleman is from California, and the last gentleman is from Idaho. Ourselves, two other couples and one of the single gentlemen are new to the group, the others having traveled last year with Kevin and Ruth Read, the group leaders who are from Canada. It sounds a little confusing to speak of everyone in such veiled terms, but I am unsure at this point whether anyone would mind being named in this public blog, so other than naming Kevin and Ruth, who have their own public blog, I will wait to post photos or name names until I understand how much privacy the group members require.

We all agreed to meet at the rv clubhouse at 4 for happy hour and small appetizers to share. Kevin wanted to go over some of the information about what to expect during the trip. The meeting stretched to after 7 and was a lot of fun. I think the trip is going to be very interesting, and the group seems keen to have a common experience!

The gash shortly after it happened. Cue the violins.

Mark and Larry clean up the jagged edges and prepare the surface for foam filler and fiberglass matting. Did I mention what a wonderful brother and husband I have? 

After filling in the gap, they applied fiberglass matting and resin and shaped the curve as best they could. The goal was to prevent water from leaking into the wall.
They were up against a front that was moving through Dallas. Just as they finished, the temperature began to drop. They were lucky to be able to set up the resin when the air temp was still in the 70’s!

Larry taping off the surface ahead of applying spray paint. It was windy in Dallas on Thursday, so he had to spray in between gusts. Did I mention what a wonderful husband I have? 

The finished project. I was able to match the camouflage color, but it is a matte finish. The white was more difficult to match.  All in all, I was thrilled that the camper was travel worthy, and very proud of my husband and brother for pulling off the repair!

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  1. I think the men did a fantastic job on the repair and with any luck we won't see any rain all winter long, so you won't have to test the repair out, lol! :-)

    It was wonderful meeting you both and I think we are going to have an amazing trip this winter. :-)