Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Time to catch up

It’s been a busy ten days since the last post.

Once the new solenoid arrived in the mail, Larry solved the slide problem by replacing the bad one. Fingers crossed, we won’t have any more problems going forward.

I spent the better part of two days washing and waxing the Winnie, removing three traveling days of bugs and dirt.

We distributed candy in our neighborhood on Halloween and ran out at around 730. Lots and lots of little kids trick or treating! It was great fun: most of the neighbors on our street sat outside socializing and giving out candy.

We had a goodbye dinner with Stephanie and Richard on Friday night at Bariques, a restaurant in the neighborhood. Delicious and a fun evening. Two doors down from the restaurant is a Whit’s Custard where we stopped for dessert.

We drove up to Fernandina last Saturday and had a nice lunch with my brother Matthew and his wife Kendra.  They are both within months of retiring from their jobs and it was exciting to talk with them about their plans.

On Sunday, Larry applied the first coat of stain to the new deck and it looks just great. If I can figure out how to post photos from my phone to my iPad, I will upload images.

Monday morning, we drove up to Fernandina one last time to pick up the Winnie and drove it down to Jacksonville. It took several hours to prepare the house for our absence and reload the camper for the trip. After one last goodbye to my loving sister Stephanie, we departed for Monticello, Florida at 230.

I applied a sticker of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the rear drivers side bumper. For years, we had a tin ornament of the Virgin on the rear fender of our tandem that finally rattled itself off during one of our last extended self supported bicycle trips.

A view of the rear of the camper. We decided to bring our old bicycles that have been stored in Jacksonville in case we have opportunities to ride them. 

I spent a few hours washing off the bug goo that had accumulated during our trip down from Wisconsin. It was especially difficult to reach the top of the fiberglass aerodynamic cowling above the windshield. I applied a layer of wax to it in the perhaps misguided hope that bugs will skitter rather than smear across the surface

Today we will visit my sister Patty and her husband Charles and Charles' father Bill in Tallahassee.

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