Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Winnie Wandered a Little

We left Chihuahua at 830 instead of 9 as the parking lot guard wanted us out earlier than the agreed upon time. 

Larry and I are number seven of eight in the caravan group, and sometimes the group can get pretty strung out as we travel along.  As we were making our way out of Chihuahua, I got too far behind Jim, number six, and somehow missed Kevin's instruction to take the third exit at a roundabout, opting instead to take the second exit, and suddenly we found ourselves out of the game of follow the leader!  Larry has a good sense of direction, however, and after a brief panic, we took the first opportunity to turn left towards what we hoped was the main road out of Chihuahua, traveled a few blocks to the next major road and turned right. I glanced in my rear view window and saw Mona and Roger, rig number eight, just a shot distance behind us! Shortly thereafter we rejoined the group and made our first stop at a gas station since crossing the border.

We drove federal highway 16 east out of Chichuahua past Barraganes, took the highway 21/5 bypass around Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, and continued taking highway 16 to the entrance road for Basaseachi Falls. It started raining just as we arrived at Rancho San Lorenzo, a small eco resort run by a former military member and bush pilot whose name I will get from Larry just as soon as I can.  The owner allowed us to park on his grounds, and we settled in for the night.

There are many memorials to loved ones along the highways.  This one was located at the toll booth.

At the same toll booth, someone had set up a mobile taco truck.

Many of the members of our group taking a breather before getting back on the road. Little did we know what a twisty, twisty ride we were in for!

Once we arrived at the Rancho Lorenzo, we gathered together and walked up the hill towards our first view of the falls!

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