Sunday, December 1, 2019

A Long, Long Hike, Then It’s Back to Creel

We woke up to another lovely sunrise over the canyon. Today’s plan was to hire a local guide, walk 3 km to his house, and take a 10km hike through the canyon that we’d admired, zip lined, and gondola’d through.

The hike was very enjoyable with many beautiful views. We think we hiked around 16kms altogether. After the hike, we stopped at a stand for gorditas, which are corn or flour tortillas stuffed like pita bread, with your choice of chicken, championes, pork, squash, etc, warmed over a flat iron positioned over an oil drum heated with wood. They were delicious. 

The day's plan was to leave the park at around 3 pm, drive back to Creel to gas up, empty the tanks, fill up with water and/or propane, refill garrafones with drinking water, and grocery shop, all in preparation for the next week and a half of camping in areas with no traditional services.

When it was time to depart the canyon for Creel, Larry pressed the retract button for our slide and the weld that was done the day before broke once again. Luckily, way back in Janesville, (out of an abundance of caution and ignorance about all things slide), we had made a brace out of an adjustable metal pole with a rubber stopper on each end. We inserted our homemade brace between the interior wall of the coach and the frame of the slide, and made our way back to Creel. 

Once we arrived in Creel, Larry and I drove directly down the main drag through town looking for a grocery store. Just as we stopped to ask for directions, Aron and Owenita passed by in their Winnebago, and we made a split decision to follow them wherever they might be going. As it turned out, they were going to a grocery located on the edge of town. We’re glad we followed, it turned out to be a pretty big shop, all things considered, and we stocked up on all the necessities. Once back at the resort, I walked over to the shop of the first welder with whom I had talked in the vain hope he might be open on a Sunday night, but his shop was closed and the slide issue had to wait another day.

My internet connection is very slow tonight. Not sure all these photos are going to show up!

Larry ventured out early to catch the sunrise over the canyon.

A type of moss.

Forgot to mention that our campspot was at the end of a runway!

Me crossing the first of a half dozen or so foot bridges.   It looks sturdier than it felt walking across!

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