Monday, December 16, 2019

A Walking Day in Tepic

The group decided to go for a walk into the central part of Tepic and to visit a Walmart on the way back to the rv park. Kevin and Bob stayed behind to work on one of the aftermarket airbags that had developed a leak on Kevin's rig.  
Walking down the avenue towards Centro was a different experience than it had been the evening before due to the amount of traffic and business activity. We stopped at a park and a couple of government buildings during our walk, and by the time we were ready for lunch, Kevin and Bob were finished with the repair and joined us to find a restaurant. Afterwards, some of us walked to Walmart to stock up on necessities, and took a cab back to the rv park. Larry walked back to the camper instead, as he was feeling a little tired, and I took a cab with Bob and Denise once we finished shopping.

Two industrious young men speedily cleaning the windshield of a city bus before the light changes.

We occasionally saw military vehicles cruising through the city. Note the machine gun.

Government building, lots of people outside waiting in line to do their business.

Detail of ceiling mural inside the building.

Cool crossing signal.

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