Sunday, December 15, 2019

An Unexpected Oasis

We left Mazatlan/Isla de la Piedra at around 830 in the morning for the long drive to Tepic.  Once we arrived in Tepic and after we had settled in our camping spots, Larry, Mona, and I went in search for a pollo asado stand.  It was a little eerie walking around Tepic since the streets were mostly empty on a Sunday afternoon, but we happened upon an open stand and bought three roasted chickens for ourselves and Sue and Roy.

Esquinapa de Hidalgo

Pretty entrance to a town we passed on our way to Tepic.

Interesting building we saw along the way, we wondered why the ventilation holes?

Somewhat hidden entrance to our overnight accomodations.

Once we were through the entrance, we were treated to a lush, parklike setting.

All settled in for the evening.


Scarlet howling.

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