Thursday, December 19, 2019

Another Lovely Day in Etzatlan

Today most of the group decided to hike up to one of the crosses that one sees very often at the top of hills overlooking towns.  I decided to stay behind and wash the camper. Later, Roy, Sue and I walked into town to meet the rest of the group for lunch and to look around the central part of Etzatlan that I had not yet seen.
I think the group enjoyed their walk, though they did comment that the walk down the hill into town was pretty steep.
After a delicious lunch at the Tacos Acapulcos restaurant in town, Larry and I walked around the central part of town to admire the crochet ceiling that had been installed down a street intersection. We bought a few staples like sweet empanadas and bread rolls at a local panaderia, and visited an atm machine in case the pipo truck (lp gas) visited the camp site as had been promised.
We also stopped over at a business that is affiliated with Walmart, Mi Bodega Aurrera Etzatlan, that had home goods like appliances and Walmart branded food products, but no produce at all, though it did have a small meat counter. By the time we walked home, we were both tired and ready for naps. 

View of Etzatlan

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