Saturday, December 14, 2019

Cycling in Matzatlan

Larry and I decided to take our bikes on a ferry from the rv park to Mazatlan to see the sites. We left at around 830 and boarded a ferry for the ten minute ride across the channel. 
Mazatlan reminded me in some ways of Panama City Beach in the panhandle of Florida. There were lots of tourist attractions, and the beachfront is slowly filling up with tall condos and hotels. We made our way through a few neighborhoods and rode the Malecon de Mazatlan up to the Hotel Playa, then made our way back to the ferry crossing by riding the Malecon through a less congested area, stopping along the way to have a snack at one of the small restaurants situated directly on the beach under the boardwalk.
The Malecon is a wonderful multi use boardwalk along the shoreline; despite the constant sound of traffic, we enjoyed riding most of its length.

It took about an hour to download these photos, unfortunately they are not presented in time sequence.

On the ferry going over to Mazatlan.

Sensuous sculpture on the Malecon.

Off shore playground.

These two gentlemen asked to perform a song for us. They were two of many musicians we observed walking along the boardwalk.

Essen Hotel

We passed by this apartment building. It reminded me of New Orleans.

The bike lane was located next to a four lane road.

Larry wrestling with the placement of the bike on the ferry.

Mazatlan is a port for cruise ships and was, at one point, one of the largest trading ports on the west coast of Mexico.

Larry ordered a coconut drink at an under the boardwalk restaurant.

We spotted this VW in the McD’s parking lot.

Cliff along the southern end of the Malecon.

Salt water pool on the Malecon.

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  1. I like your comparison of Panama City Beach. We have spent lots of time in PCB and only 1 night on the Malacon in Mazatlán but I agree!! Glad you are enjoying your trip. We are waving at you guys from La Penita!!!