Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Delia's RV Park Etzatlan

We took the cuota from Tepic to Etzatlan, a relatively light day of driving.  We arrived at another lovely rv park situated outside of Etzatlan, a small town of about 17,000 people in the central-western state of Jalisco. After settling in, Larry and I rode our bicycles around the village to look around.

That evening, it was decided that we would ride our bicycles to a local tequila distillery for a tour on Wednesday.  The tour turned out to be very interesting, and the distillery sold a fair amount of very reasonably priced tequila to members of the group!

Wasp nest Larry spied on his morning walk around the campsite.

Me using my small spinner while doing laundry.

Fantastic bike trail that stretches 35 km or possibly more, we rode part of it on our day trip to a tequila distillary.

Entrance to the Distiladora Agave Azul.

Just as we were getting ready for our tour, a truck filled with trimmed agave drove up.

Larry tried his hand at splitting an agave heart.

One of two ovens the agave are loaded into, this one is the newest and is heated with electricity.

The second oven was more traditionally built.

Kevin and Jim looking into the fermentation vats.

Agave mash.

After our tour of the distillery, the guide led us down a tunnel to an underground storage room that held many casks of aging tequila.

The bottling and labeling room.

The underground storage facility was under this field.

Another view of the bike trail.

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  1. Many thanks for this most interesting story and pictures in the tequila distillery! Nice reporting! I enjoy following your posts!