Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Etzatlán to Valle de Juarez

We left Delia’s RV Park in Etzatlán early Sunday morning to drive to Valle de Juarez where we plan to stay through the new year. The drive was around five hours over rough roads, so the going was slow. Upon arrival at Victoria’s RV Park outside of town, most of the group headed to the central part of town to take part in an Xmas celebration that a local church was putting on. Larry went with the group, but I stayed behind to sleep off the rigors of the drive. 

Monday morning, Larry and I got some laundry done and rode our bikes into town to take care of a few banking and cellular issues, as well as visit the grocery store. On our way out, we stopped at GM Tacos, an open air eatery along the main drag, not too far from the trailer park. I sat down at the counter next to a woman with a baby, who I turned to admire, saying, “Hello, little baby.” The woman answered me in English and it turned out that she and her husband and children were from Aurora, Illinois and were visiting area relatives over the holidays. In fact, many of the people around us in the crowded restaurant spoke English. We spent a pleasant hour chatting while we waited for our tacos and horchata. 

I bought some sugar, nuts and dried fruit at the grocers to try my hand at making a batch of palanqueta, a sort of Mexican peanut brittle. It didn’t turn out as planned, my version turned out more like pralines than peanut brittle, but I plan to try again. 

Valle de Juarez is one of the more prosperous communities we’ve visited. On our bike ride around town, we saw numerous building material stores and ferreterias. The town had a garbage truck (first time I’ve noticed one) playing loud music as it went about its rounds. The grocery store on the edge of town is newly built and well stocked. We look forward to riding around town again in the coming days. 

Today we plan to take a bus to Mazamitla to hike up to the nearby Cascada el Salto and visit a local restaurant for shrimp tacos and ice cream. The owners of the rv park are going to cook Christmas Eve dinner for us tonight, then we plan to have a potluck brunch on Christmas Day.

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