Monday, December 2, 2019

From Creel to Guachochi

Larry put in a call to Barker Manufacturing in Battle Creek, Michigan this morning, hoping to speak to someone who might be knowledgeable about our slide problem.  The fellow who answered the phone was familiar with the type of slide we had, and suggested that the type of weld used (portable 110v MIG) was not up to the task of keeping the rectangular piece joined to the rail.  He also said that using our homemade brace would ensure that the slide stayed in place during our travels.  

So, rather than stay around in Creel and attempt another repair, we decided to keep going with the group on to the next stop, Guachochi.  Kevin had located a possible stay for the night at the Cabanas El Tepehuan, a resort located north of the town.  Once he secured permission from the owner of the resort we all drove down a rutted path to the main area and parked for the night.  The resort had a restaurant on the premises located a short walk away where we had dinner.

This morning's evidence of last night's freeze. We have witnessed a few days of glorious sunshine, followed by freezing nights.  Not yet sandal weather!

Our spot for the night.

Larry spotted what he thinks is a gilded flicker, a large sized woodpecker whose range is from the Colorado dessert to northwestern Mexico and Baja.

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